FBC Bates City

Soul Winning Action Team

     We will start off by explaining what this is. This is a team of church members that want to help lead others to Christ. This team will be sent out on visitations to teach, pray for, and to bring non believers to a church that wants to lead them to Christ.  This may be as simple as making phone calls weekly to those that are unable to be with us. Or it could be going and visiting with a family that visited our church to show them that we love them and want them to feel free to come back be part of our church family.
     This group of folks can come from all ages. We want to be able to link to all age groups and reach these folks on all levels. We would love to be able to send a teen to talk to a teen or an older more expierience individual to reach other older more expierienced individuals. In other words we want to be able to communicate on their level. 
      So this means we need folks of all ages  to come forth and help lead others to Christ. No one to young and no one to old. We all have a testimony to give and we all want others to be able to find Christ. So this means we need you all to volunteer a little of your time that you can help us lead others to Christ.
     If you are interested in joining our mission please let Matt Dunn or Don Hickson know.
Matt Dunn      816-377-7320
JOSH WILLIAMS 816-547-2344