FBC Bates City

Our time each day we spend praying please remember our fellow Christians and their prayers too......

Sharon Sells                                                                                        Church membership
VBS & VBS director                                                                          Daily Bible times
Debbie Palmer                                                                                    Our Youth and Children
US Troops                                                                                            Angel Rimmer
Sunday School attendence                                                           Shirley Dennis
RA's and GA's                                                                                      Residence of Bates City (that we are able to reach the them)
Angel Rimmer-breast cancer                                                       Graduates
Totty Family- 12 yr old girl killed in car accident               Loretta's mom Pam
Elnor Groseclose                                                                               Debbie Palmer
Pastorless churches
If you have a prayer request and would like to see it added on so that our members can pray for you PLEASE just email us and we will get it on here so that we can pray for your needs.